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grizzilla06 wrote:
Why is that?
in a low fp situation that back are gonna be first ones to stave 
sct tunned
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Hey stump puller, u says it runs like it's running out of gas. . .  is your engine loping? going Blap blap blap and jerkin when you frst start to accelerate? with the EGR system disabled (and probabbly capped) check and see if the catalytic converter has been removed. if it has, this will be the reason for your loping (the cat provides back pressure that With the cat, runs smoothe), but with it tuned for it note it's for raw power. if the issue is, indeed the engine loping then your option would to undo all the stuff he did to make it a rocket. If and only if the issue Is loping from these modifications then burn some coal, proceed with confident acceleration, it's what it's tuned for. My 04 turbo powerstroke was purchased stripped of emissions, tuned, and a rocket! i moved to colorado and man their emissions laws are eatting my lunch.  I hope this helps! You have quite a truck there man o7
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