Ok guys, Looking for some options. My father in-laws truck is and 05 250 6.0 with perfect maintenance since new. He is religious about keeping this truck clean. at 202,000 miles on the original EGR/Oil cooler I told him if he is going to keep the truck we should do an EGR delete and new oil cooler. Done. As well as new thermostat for the hell of it. We also did the MBRP 4" turbo back kit at the same time, Knocked the guts out of the CC. After all of this we bought the SCT X4 tuner. WOW what a difference. The truck is not the fastest one out there but it is a runner for sure. He has been more than pleased with the way the truck runs but REALLY want to get some better mileage. I was hoping the tuner would help with this. Before all the mods he was averaging right at 15 mpg Now with the tuner exhaust and delete he is still only getting 16.5. He drives like a grandma in a buick, so while the power is nice for towing his trailer it doesn't mean as much as some better mileage would. ANY ADVICE???? new tune for the X4? We have tried both of the preloaded tunes same mileage.
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dirty rotty
Believe it or not, run it on the performance setting. When not towing.

The more power you have the less you need to be into the throttle to achieve the same speeds.

I work at the other tuner company here in Sanford.

Also make sure that the tuning is accommodating for the turbo back exhaust, the variable vane turbo needs the back pressure sensor to read properly to make the turbo work to its full potential. 
They make custom tunes for these tuners.
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Adam Travis
No need for an EGR delete if not running a tuner in all realiy

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