1986 4x4 suburban for sale

16ftx8ft Enclosed Trailer with title/Registration

The Good:

Starts right up and runs great.
350cdi, 350th, 3/4 ton, 8lug, 10bolt front ,14 bolt rear.
650 holly, aluminum manifold, Magna flows, 9" lift kit 18?" rims 35" tires
Converted to 1999 Serpentine kit.
New battery, driveshaft, steering box, Headers

The bad: Lots of rust, no back seats, Lots of rust, Back inner barn door latch broken, Lots of rust
Passenger window does not work , Lots of rust Drivers Window is off track Lots of rust.

Email photo for trade or will sell for $1500

If it sits for a month battery dies and has to crank for a white to get fuel up
Otherwise starts up and runs hard every time.

Home website - http://www.quadaces.com
Photography - http://www.quadaces.net
CAD drafting - http://www.quadaces.org
Computer upgrades & Repair - http://www.quadaces.us
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Is it still 4 sale.
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