-TRW Forged Pistons

 -gt40 heads with port work done to them 1.94 1.54 valves

 -C&L 75mm Mass Air Flow Meter

 -SVE Cold Air Intake kit

 -Edelbrock 65mm Throttle body

 -GT40 Intake Manifold w/ Ford Racing 1 inch Phenolic Intake Spacer

 -comp 1.6 roller rockers

 -E303 camshaft

 -ASP billet aluminum AC delete kit

 -ASP aluminum Underdrive Pulley Set

 -Ford Racing Shorty headers

 -2.5in Exhaust From Headers Back w/ Flowmaster 40 Series mufflers

 -Fiberglass cowl hood w/pins


Orlando FL 94 F150 xlt 302 np 435 np208 dana 44 ford 9in 40in tsls
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