damian mantis
This is a 1973 Chevy truck with a late 80s, early 90s, Humvee M998 body. The rolling chassis, driveline and motor (454 big block) are all Chevy. The body, interior and fuel tank are Humvee. Its on 44" tires, has a B&M shifter and custom net doors. There are many other doors and other Humvee parts that are included in the sale. This conversion is 95% complete. Still need to connect the brake lines (they are already ran), run a fuel line, it needs radiator hoses, a starter and the carb rebuilt. This truck ran prior to the conversion (2 years ago), but most likely could use the motor freshened up. This ride has all the wicked looks of the Humvee with the simplicity of the old reliable Chevy trucks. I have the MD title for the 73 Chevy truck. This is a total head turner that would be great to promote a business, use as a mud truck, mountain mobile, rock crawler or whatever other badassary your heart desires. Asking $7,000. Email travis@moonshinecamo.com      IMG_3532.jpg  IMG_3534.jpg  IMG_3547.jpg  IMG_3528.jpg  IMG_3540.jpg  IMG_3537.jpg IMG_3865.jpg  IMG_3873.jpg  IMG_3891.jpg  IMG_3892.jpg  IMG_3890.jpg  IMG_0633.jpg
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