Selling my hauler. This truck is a workhorse. 330k miles and running strong. New water pump, thermostat, belt, and fuel tank selector valve(Ford part). Prior owner had some transmission work done a couple years ago and the truck shifts great. No oil leaks. The pan gasket and a few other oil leaks we're handled at the same time as the transmission and the engine was pulled to do those repairs. Needs a driver's seat, coolant expansion tank(has a crack above the full line, doesn't pressurize, and doesn't overheat), tires in the next couple thousand miles, and a bed mount. This California truck could use some love but it's got some good bones and runs strong like a 7.3L should. I just have too many other projects going on and can't give it the attention it needs, nor drive it as much as it wants to be driven.

Please no lowballers I don't necessarily need to sell this truck cause I do value it as a tool. A very good tool at that.

$4800 OBO.

Located in Auburn, Alabama. Buyer handles shipping.
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