Power seats, windows moon roof and even pedals. Stock stereo, and heater, no ac! The motor is a long rod 406...nothing too special, 400sbc with Dart "Iron Eagle" heads. The camshaft is mild, and static is 9.5:1. Holley 650 carb, Edelbrock dual plane and good old HEI. The trans is a TH350, backed by a 205. The axles are 2 1/2 ton units, front steer only, pinion brake on rear. Chevy 2500 leafs on all corners, Chevy steering box setup for cross-steer. There are some loose ends, Like the warning lights on the dash are on...for most everything. ABS, Air ride, anti-theft...turns out the BCM gets a bit annoyed when you pull the ECM...and things like the air ride system. The other major one is the lack of a shifter for the T-case. I'd just pop it into 4L for mud, and 4H for the dirt roads around the house. The motor and trans were fresh for this build.... Tires are cut 46" Baja Claws on 16.5 MRW rims. Got it from a good guy that built it and something came up and I need cash. Thanks!

Location is Mesa, Arizona.
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3185278044 thanks

Arizona is location.
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