Very clean 2006 Chevrolet 3500 LT with 6.6 Duramax. 4x4 - 4 Door Dually with 4 Stage Edge programmer, Sunroof, All power, Gooseneck, Front & Rear Strobe Lights, Train Horn with big air tank. This truck comes complete with a Sneeker Towing System with heave duty spring kits and air bags. Wireless Remote controlled wheel lift and Rear Hydraulic tanks in Toolbox.

Mileage is 132,000 and has been properly maintained at all times.

For more information, please call or text direct for best access. Emails could be delayed several days. calls and texts can be sent to four seven eight 288 07 five nine. Priced to sale, so serious inquiries only please. 

Chevy Duramax 3500 2500 4x4 4WD Dually Gooseneck Wrecker Wheel Lift Rollback Truck 1 Ton


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Hi, I'm Chris and I'm interested in your truck. Where are you located and what are you asking? You can give me a call at 941-586-8214. Thanks.
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Cavid Mamedov
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Pics please.
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