Built as a prototype.  Asking $30,000 OBO.  All serious offers will be considered. 

Engine: 6.6L Turbo‐diesel V8 capable of running on High sulfur diesel and JP‐8

Tires: BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A 275/70R‐18 with Hutchinson CRF runflat inserts

Mileage: 8,008

The powerful diesel engine and 6 speed transmission offer excellent performance and drivability at maximum vehicle weight while still having a fuel range over 1000 km.

The diesel engine is programed to be able to operate on various grades of fuel such as DF#2, JP‐8 and ULSD.

The suspension is upgraded to custom valve shock absorbers and additional gas springs to increases on and off road performance throughout the payload
range, including at maximum weight.

Larger diameter tires and run flat inserts provide improved off road capability while still maintaining on‐road functionality.
The run flats allow the vehicle to continue pursuit for up to 2 miles after a tire blow out.

The VPTT offers the end user a highly versatile and functional vehicle that can serve numerous functions and purposes from on‐road security checkpoint to high speed off‐road pursuit vehicle.

Based on a commercial Heavy Duty truck, the VPTT offers the modifications necessary for tactical operations while still maintaining the reliability and
drivability of a commercial vehicle.

The VPTT offers a low visibility armor package that provides complete cabin protection and armor plate for bed mounted passengers without
compromising the commercial, non‐military appearance of the truck.

The VPTT offers a payload of 1636 kg. (3600 lbs.) after armor. This allows for eight passengers, weapons and ammunition be mounted in the truck
without sacrificing functionality.

Custom engineered bed structure and bench seating allow for 6 personal to be seated and secured in the truck bed for on road patrol and off road

A forward facing gun mount, capable of accepting the Mk‐93 universal gun mount, provides the tactical advantage needed in vehicle pursuit operations.

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