Friend of mine has a 7.3 that has an obvious miss cold ... but clears up warmed up... won't even spool the Turbo floored when its cold ... I'm getting him to text me a better description ... have a code reader that tests the injectors indivudally and they each make a clicking noise and check out OK.... any ideas?

Starts easy and quick when cold. If you don't let run for a while after started before you take off, will start acting like it's running out of fuel before you even get around the block. Eventually will stall. Hard to crank back up, but eventually will. Once it's Crunk back up, let it idle for a while, drive off, and will do fine as long as you keep rpms below approx 2000. If you get above that, will start acting like it runs out of fuel again. Didn't do that as bad until recently. Originally, would only have that issue after driving for a while at 2500 rpms or so, after stopping, (at a red light for instance) and then taking off, would act like there was no throttle response and have a little miss

Put gauge at test port, gauge bounces from approximately 45-75 at idle. Gets higher as far as up to 125 psi or so at up to 2500 rpms. After 2500 rpms, gauge peaks at 50-60psi. But now if you drive down the road it's worse (like running out of fuel), but with the gauge hooked up, and running it at 2500rpms, will start to eventually die out, and stall. All while still maintaining at least 70psi while trying to stall
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Tim @ P.I.S.
If you are referring to a POWERSTROKE 7.3 here is how they work(I am not an IDI 7.3 guy and those are a different animal). 

You need HPO(high pressure oil), fuel and electronic signal (PCM-IDM-HARNESS).

If you have those three you will run.

Rough running when cold and better when warn is an injector issue.  The oil side of the injector is shot and need an overhaul.  Stalling is either one of the three items. CPS(cam position sensor), bad o ring in the HPO system or fuel pressure issue. 
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