I'm sure I'm going to catch a lot of heat for this but I'm selling my 7.3L Powerstroke to move over to the darkside of the Alison/Duramax family and see what all the hype is about. That or look for a 12V/Alison swap if I'm fortunate enough. So that being said I'm selling my 1999 Ford F-250 7.3L Powerstroke Lariat Package 4x4 Super Duty. Just moved up here in June from Orlando so it's a FL bred diesel as far as I know. It is the discontinued Ford "Light Prairie Tan" paint. Lots of extras. Bought the truck when I lived in Orlando and is now located in Kennesaw, GA where I moved.

Is this truck for you? Well...:
If you're looking to turn heads and get lots of compliments and questions this is the truck for you. If you enjoy being stared at and pointed at (in a positive manner) you're looking at the right posting. If you like family's children going, "Look at the monster truck" and "Woooow" and my favorite "It's a Decepticon!" then yes this is still a good fit for you. If you like to see construction workers in the middle of "constructing" literally stop what they're doing and looking at your truck followed by turning 180 degrees to watch you drive off into the horizon until you're out of sight then yes, you guessed it, you've selected the correct listing. HOWEVER if you are a wall-flower, a shy-guy, someone who wants to blend in and not be the center of attention on the road more often than not (there's always someone bigger) then no this is NOT the truck for you. Keep on scrolling. Whether toting around town or rolling coal through the city streets or just parked around a bon fire you'll be one of the trucks everyone wants to ride, beg to drive, and sit on your tailgate. $13,499 obo.

Disclaimer: If you like to work out regularly and take care of yourself you will learn to hate this truck ONLY on leg day. Leg day makes getting in and out seem like a punishment after your workout. It's a blessing and reward all other days.

*Superchip Flashpaq Programmed (programmer included with truck)
*Skyjacker 6" Suspension Lift and Steering Stabilizer
*New Timken Hubs
*New Warn Locking Hubs
*Transmission was built by ProTrans in Deland, FL at about 170k miles.
-Shift Kit
-Aftermarket Tranny Cooler
-Aftermarket Heavier Duty Internals etc
*Rigid Industries Fog/Flood Lights (brighter than the HIDs)
*Black Housing Headlights
*HID Kit
*Draw Tite Electronic Break Controller
*CB/PA System (needs antenna but PA currently works)
*Air Horn Set-Up (wiring was melting fuses so may need re-wire. Air hose and all are currently ran but I'm keeping my trumpet since it's a fire truck horn and probably won't be able to find one ever again. Tank and compressor are included and are mounted inside the tool box to keep out of the elements - two switches: one for the compressor and one for sounding the horn)
*Turbo to Stack Exhaust
*Heavy Duty Steel Rear Bumper
*Tow Package
*Eagle Alloy Wheels
*38" Michelin XML Military Tires (Re-Grooveable)
*Recon Style Brake Lights and Third Brake Light (black housing)
*Double Bed Liner (spray in under the plastic lay-in)
*Window Tint (all 5 windows)
*Air Raid Intake
*Pwr Windows, Pwr. Locks, Pwr. Mirrors, Pwr. Captain's Chair
*New Glow Plugs
*Diamond Plate Bed and Door Accents
*Tow Package
*Fabricated a low-budget but functional flag pole, easily removable

The Downs:
-Slow Oil Leak (everyone thinks it's the rear seal since I guess Ford's are notorious for that)
-Slow Power Steering Leak (Hydro Boost is causing the leak)
-Power Lock Actuators are Bad (Power works but locks won't go all the way up or down)
-Leather was in poor condition when I bought the truck so I just bought seat covers for it
-Minor blemishes in the body from normal wear and tear
-Can definitely roll coal but not like a Cummins will
-During heavy rain the passenger side kick panel will get water in it (it's either from one or both of the vents located in the back of the cab the air comes out of when you close the doors or it follows the wiring and air hose that runs into the cab. If that's the case just re-route the wiring and hose to under the truck instead of through the inside.)

This truck has the whistling of a demon, sounds incredible. Like the song lyrics, "people hear me 'fore they see me, people hear me 'fore they see..." people hear you before they see you. The 38's roar and you'll see people in gas stations already looking your direction to see what's making the roaring. If you don't like being the center of attention or a head turner then keep on hunting because you will not like this truck. Most of the work was done by Top Trucks of Central Florida with the exception of the transmission work that I mentioned earlier done by ProTrans in Deland, FL. Tires were mounted by Discount Tire in Daytona Beach, FL. $13,499 obo. No trades. Lots of money in extras. I'm sure I've left some things out but that's what I can think of now.

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