I have two brand new right out of the factory crate Axletech 4000 Axles.  These are the 9 ton rated axles that go under the MRAP Military vehicles.  Brand New Never Run Never bolted up. Never welded on.  Both are steering.  Selling as a set only.  These axles are 100% ambidextrious meaning both axles are the same.  Both sides are the same.  Carrier is reversible so for a rear steer all you do is unbolt the carrier, flip it over and bolt it back down tight.  Factory Lockers are there and all fitting in place.  These axles do not have brakes installed.  MRAP's come with air brakes and I removed these large cumbersome brakes and they are trash now.  Companies like Wilwood make disc brake kits for these axles.  Like I said, brand new never ran.  I am asking $4,000.00 and may meet you half way depending on location.  I am in Oklahoma City area. IMG_2760.JPG IMG_2759.JPG 
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Still have the axles?
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Derek Cray
Are they steel or cast housing ?
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I sent you an email
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