Starting a new project soon, in the process of gathering parts up. Going to be in a mid 2000s Chevy crew cab, 4-link, coil-overs, tires will either be 16.9-34 or 18.4-28, leaning towards the 16.9s tho. Motor will be my turbo ls 898hp, 863 ft lbs.

Looking for info on the axle-tech 4000, the meritor, and the 5 ton specifically de-braked weights and strength differences.

From what I was able to dig up the axle-tech weighs 1572 with brakes and around 1200 de-braked and is rated at 9 tons.

The meritor weighs 1330 with brakes and 1000 de-braked and is rated at 9 tons?

And finally the 5 ton front weighs somewhere between 1450 and 1650 with brakes and somewhere around 1250 de-braked, no info on the rear.

So the meritor and the axle-tech are around the same strength with the axle-tech being slightly heavier and wider from what I can gather, any real world experience with this?

Truck also needs to fit on a 102" wide trailer so I don't have to tire it every time I take it out that's why I'm leaning towards the 16.9s

Any info about these axles would be helpful
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