I can't believe I'm writing this. The time has come to sell my swamp buggy. I bought a BIGGER buggy and I don't need two. If you've been to Mudjam or Okee Mudfest in the last five years you've seen this buggy. I've had some amazing times on it, and a couple of those stories I could even tell to children. Here's the history.... This started life as an Ardco "Multipurpose Articulating Truck". They are still in business and you can check out what a 2018 version looks like on their website.

When I bought this it was a pole-setter buggy used by the power companies in SW Florida to run powerlines through the swamp. It had a straight 6 Ford 300 and a manual transmission. Shifting, as you can imagine, was problematic. When I bought it I cut off the remaining framework on the back half and put on bench seats facing each other, like a troop transport. I also used a Chevy K20 for a donor drivetrain. It now has a Chevy 454 big block and TH400. The axles are welded to the frame and it turns via two gigantic hydraulic rams in the middle like a front-end loader. You can turn the wheel with one finger and spin the buggy around in a ridiculously small space. The tires are 23.1x26 log skidder tires. I think they are 14 ply. I've never had a flat. You can crush palmettos all day in this thing and not worry about cutting a tire. I'm not sure what the axles are rated at, but hell-for-stout would be a good description. They are about the same size as 5 tons and have planetary ends. There are no steering joints to leak or break.

It would be easy to convert the back to 4 or 5 rows of bench seats for swamp buggy tours. If you're a farmer or rancher, you could easily put a water or diesel tank on the back, or a crane hoist off a military 5 ton.

Price is $7,900. I'm willing to bet this is the only 23.1x26, big block buggy for sale in Florida for under ten grand. I am not interested in trades, and if you want to lowball me you're wasting your time and mine. If you want an unstoppable, unusual buggy to play with, or unstoppable piece of soft-ground agricultural equipment, this is your answer.

PM or call at 772-285-8"oh"21.

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Saw something similar years n years ago for sale south of Ocala,think they wanted $2500 with a torque 4cyl??Cool thing was articulated but run 66in balloon tires!!
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