Black widow
I was building a big street driven jeep .. 87 wrangler... 2.5 ton axles built by differential engineering.. 4 wheel disk brakes. Coil spring all around, was using 1 1/4 heims ladder bar set up never finished,, 49" irocs 3/4 tread, 20x18 wheels , just need centers install , i have centers and know back spacing needed for legal limit . Cyclone case . Fully polished wiyh flange yokes, new,, hydro assit cylinder kit, . Full custom seats black leather with red stitching.. Will sell with or with out motor and trans. Th400 Manuel rev. Vavle body, billet shifter, .. bbc 496 blown, cnced alum. Heads, freash motor, bds blower, 2 950 carbs new, everything fulley polished, , block huggers ceramic coated. Please pm me if interested i will call as soon as i can. Thanks
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How much with out the engine
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How much for everything minus engine, trans, and case? If you still have it.
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