My buddy and I are in the process of parting together a mega truck build. We're to the point that I'm trying to decide on a good axle choice. I really would like to have rear steer on the truck but being that I'm still learning the ins and outs of even the basics about mega truck configurations I really could use some input. In order to accomplish a strong reliable build with rear steer, what are my options? I'm honestly still learning all the differences between regular 5 tons and planetary axles. Does anyone have any links they could share to break each down and lay out the pros and cons of each? Any suggestions or knowledge is greatly appreciated!!
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Latest and greatest 10 ton axletech 4000 i am in central NY if you want a set. there air lockers front and rear
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Before you decide on the axle you need to ask yourself what size tire you want to run. Do you have the means to haul the tire size you want? Because unless you have a big enough truck and trailer to pull it along with wide load permits, changing HUGE tires everytime you go out sucks big time. Axle choice will depend on tire size and horsepower. It's like anything else, it all depends on your budget. I know people running 72s on 5 tons but only 270hp. It's a complete dog but he has fun with it. I know people running 72s and 5 tons with 1000 hp but... With many upgraded parts. 5 tons are strong and much cheaper. Including access to parts. I have recently purchased axletechs and I am having a hell of a time finding parts for them. Unless you are running massive tires, you really don't need planetary axles. Hell, look how many folks are still running 2.5 tons. Just make sure that the rest of the truck is built to match your unsprung weight.
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