abnormal 4x4
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Micah Black
What's the business name and contact info
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Boggen Joe
xsgtjarhead wrote:

16.1 x 18 or bigger      price?

I'm looking for the same 16.1x16 or 16.1x18
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fl wv zuker wrote:
Are you able to make an 8 x 275 mm bolt pattern with a hub centric center to fit a chevy c4500 Kodiak?
1/2" centers with a decent design that is stout enough for a heavy truck daily driver. Wheels to be 20 x 10 like super singles.
Back spacing to more for front wheels and less for back wheels ( dually). Your thoughts? .
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How can I get ahold of you to order a set of wheels
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Dean Ryder
You guys still building/selling wheels? I have two sets of farmers on 2.5 ton wheels I want to sell them and go bigger
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Dean Ryder How much you want for 1 set?  Pics?
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http://www.bigshocks.com/" target="_blank">