Dustless Blasting Direct
The price of auto stripping varies acording to size and condition, but we have compiled a ballpark price list that we've found to be about average. Our blasting systems can remove paint, primer, rust, body filler, under coating and powder coating in one step. This is extremely valuable to you as a potential customer, and helps differentiate us from the competition.

Outside Body         $850
Inside Body         $300
Outside Panels         $75
Inside & Outside Panels         $125
Hood Outside         $125
Hood Inside         $75
Trunk Outside         $100
Trunk Inside         $75
Door Jambs         $250
Disassambled Car         $1,350
Wheel         $35


Call 1-833-GET-DUST for Central Florida Service
We come to you our visit our service center and save $$$

Sand blasting, soda blasting, media blasting, surface preparation, automotive paint prep
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