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So I had traded my cousins husband my bogger a 92 chev ext cab long box with a fabtech 6" lift that was already on when I bought it so I just bought some 38.5 swamped boggers and bogged with it(first picture) for an old 70s chev 4x4 frame with a crappy old rusted body, dented and beyond repairable but only wanted it for the solid front axle since I was snapping the front CV axles on the 92 chev 4x every bog and decided I had enough of changing them. So I stripped it down to the frame and changed the axles from the 3/4 to 1/2 ton axles since I only had the 6 bolt pattern Chevy rims and didn't wanna spend anymore money and switching them was no big deal only took a few hours, now I had a 2000 chevy body in the yard an thought since I have no body and the wife wanted me to get the 2000 out of the driveway I'll put that on an scrap the frame. I also traded some 20" rims for a newer style chevy grill, front fenders an hood off a 2006 I wish I took more pictures when I started but this is the result of my first ever ground up bogger build

suspension is 6" front leafs with 5.5. Blocks in front and I have the 5.5 blocks with a couple extra leafs in the back

Engine is a 350 vortec with a rpm edelbrock intake mated with a 650cfm edelbrock carb

Transmission is a TH400 with a 208 t-case

Now it took a month to build since I only had maybe a couple hours after work and days off to work on it but it was a learning experience to go on and keep building, so since I won my last bog at DROWN'EM'TRUCKS in alberta to take the $5000 for first place and winning 1 bog is good enough for me so I want to try and take the next step and build my truck into a mega mud truck, so I've been looking at other ppls builds on this website and there builds are awesome the only thing I lack is welding I got no experience but got my cousin that welds so hes gonna help when I need it so thank god for him lol so some help from peeps here and there would help me a lot the build will begin in Nov after my shop is done with which will be in a couple weeks

Here's what I've got so far

16" profab coil over shocks
Mounting hardware
11.9x24 tractor tires
blown 427(still in shop)

And that's it for now I'm still trying find some 2.5 rockwells but hard to find in my part of the country(Canada) and even worst that I live for up north but a lot of room to bog, so if you got son tips that would be great and also thanks for reading I know its kinda of long lol

Here's some pics.. first 2 pics are my first bogger
I traded for the 70s of my build an a couple of the win at the bog an did some damage to my tires lol

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