Looking for some insight on final gear ratio's. Specifically trucks running small block's and 40-45" ag tires on tons. 

Running a full size k20 (around 3800lbs), tons with 4:10's, th350, 406 sbc (est 375-400hp). Going to run either 11.2-24's or 18.1-16.1's. 

By my math, trans x case x axle ratio = final ratio
     1st gear              2.52 x 3 x 4.1 = 30.9:1
     2nd gear             1.52               = 18.7:1
     reverse               1.93               =  23.7:1

Mainly Canadian clay and river bottom bogging. Once in a blue moon hill n hole and bounty runs. 
Is a 3:1 ratio in the case going to be able to allow the truck to preform well ? What are your final ratio's ? 


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