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Oh we'll new proud owner of truck)))
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ian did you buy it? i seen it getting ready for some work

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where did it go???
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screamin seamen
It's in Florida. Eustis. No I didn't by it.
Budget bogger
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Is there any videos of the truck in a mud hole?
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Theres plenty
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Some guy north of Miami came and picked from my house about three Saturdays ago. Sad to see it go but new owners will have fun with it
2000 f250 5 ton four linked 23.1x26 checkmarks
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Has this truck ever gone back up for sale? Looking for something like this or a DDC Truck
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BBRC2 wrote:
Has this truck ever gone back up for sale? Looking for something like this or a DDC Truck

This truck was actually just sold again, DDC trucks are always for sale for the right price. Contact Dave Starling has 1 he is building right now he will sell you . 
2 1/2 ton Palm Beach Buggy 396 stroker,Profab,23.1- 26 R1s

1998 Ram 1500 SC, 2 1/2 ton BBC Profab 14.9 28s, CNC coil overs with some extra goodies

1996 Ford f250 ext Cab 7.3L w/ goodies
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BBRC2 wrote:
Has this truck ever gone back up for sale? Looking for something like this or a DDC Truck

Update 10-28-17
This truck is about to be up for sale. I bought it back in April to get me through this years events while awaiting the trigger pull on a IFS / IRS build. The trigger has been squeezed.
With that being said, this one will be for sale next week.
The previous owner/s have done a great job with it so no doubt it’s been an outstanding truck. I bought it for $30k in April. Drove it twice. Had spinal fusion back surgery in May (not truck related).

Got bored while healing from surgery and spent over $13k on following additions / upgrades. Have driven it 3 times since.

Front 5 Ton Axle Upgrades
...Front Axle housing completely gutted / cleaned inside and out.
...New Center Chunk
...New (U-Joint Style, NOT ball and claw) Axles
...New Pinion Brake System (Mount, Rotor, Caliper)
...New Seals

Front Hydro Steering:
...New PSC Orbital
...New PSC Steering Pump
...New Steering Pulley
...Front Axle locked full time
(you can turn the steering wheel with 1 finger, it turns incredibly easy)

Rear Steering (With Self Centering Feature)
(truck did not have any rear steer prior)
...New 5 Ton Steering Axle Housing
...New center chunk
...New PSC Double Ended Ram
...New Hydro/ Electric pump
...New small control switches mounted on side of center console for easy reach.
...New XPower Mega Battery mounted tucked up under the bed for hydro pump power
...New Pinion Brake System (mount, Rotor, caliper, lines.
...Rear Axle Locked full time

Side of truck Platforms
...New wider platforms added to stand on when entering / exiting the truck / pounding beer.

...New 9” Touch Screen Monitor added in place of previous head unit. Touch Screen monitor has full Bluetooth, CD, FM Radio, etc, etc
...New High Def Front camera
...New High Def Rear camera
(Each or Both cameras viewable with one touch on monitor. Makes it a bit easier not to run over people)

Other items
...New 300 Amp Alternator charging system
...New under hood Main batteries
...New Hidden master cut off switches (reachable from ground level)
...New windshield
...New Vinyl Wrap (easily removable)

The original owners first post shows the other items the truck has such as a hassle free, tuned 7.3 with 6 position tuner, built trans, SCS case, great sound system, etc.
A few items I didn’t see listed was that the truck also has a nice roll cage. It is also methanol injected. It also has 7 under truck rock lights, a rear light bar, front light bar.

I’ve not had any issues with this truck. The motor runs strong as hell all day. Fires up at the first turn of the key every time.

We all know the off-road game well and most of us also realize that a lot of the money spent is never coming back. Lol
With that being said, i bought it 6 months ago for $30k, I put an additional $13K in it during the 6 months I’ve owned it. Got $43k in it.
Will be donating nearly all the last 6 months of upgrade money spent by listing the truck next week for roughly $34k’ish.

The official sale ad coming next week. If there is any immediate interest prior to the ad, feel free to call / Text me at 281-840-9979.

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Update 11/04/2017
Truck is sold. Thanks.
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The truck has a happy new home [smile]
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