No motor. Stainless steel headers go with it. Finished the truck last year. 4 18" King shocks, with 4 inch bigshock bumpstops in front as well as 16" travel landing gear. 2.5 tons, 14.9sx24s. King pin supports as well as top knuckle shock mounts. 40 gallon fuel cell in rear. Dual radiators with derale fans on the rear setup and dual electric fans on front. Has stock Th400 with true 3500 stall and cheetah shifter. Had a sbc in it. Cyclone case with flat flanges. Full roll cage. 13 super bright rock lights to show off the powdercoat. Diy4x brakes will throw you through the windshield. 2 5-point harnesses. Feels great when jumping. Sway bar in rear from grilla Fab. Only selling to expand my business, nothing wrong with truck. Drop in your power plant and fly. Call or text 904-557-1684. Not on here too often so much easier just to text me directly. Any other questions please don't hesitate to ask. Need it gone.
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