bamber 4x4
I'm a heavy equipment operator in the union in nj and I'd like to move down south, but how is the work down there?
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Not real good. There is work, but it is still slow. You will not make any were near what you are making up north, down here. I went to North Dakota several times in the last year, even up there were there is work, operators are a dime a dozen. We have hundreds of applications at the office, and thats from the last few months.
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Dirty Mike
I used to be an operator with the county (I'm in hazardous waste now) but they are cutting job's all of the time. When someone retires, they usually don't fill the job unless it's mandatory. Usually the only Heavy Equipment jobs that open are at the Landfill where I work. If one in Road Maintenance opens up, there usually is already a guy lined up for that job. and it's promotional only, meaning that you would have to start out at as light, or medium equipment operator.
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Works good I work in Tampa and take home $1200 a wk operating equipment
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