Rwb burban
I'm having heat issues with my hydraulic steering system. Some guys told me I cold run the factory gm pump, but it keeps boiling the fluid. I have a 6"x10" cooler. I'm currently running 14.9s with a locked 2.5 ton rockwell. I think I'm running a 2" single ended ram but will have to double check. Wondering what other setups are out there to get rid of my problem.
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A better pump fixed mine. I went with a sweet racing pump and haven't had anymore issues
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Probably not the most legitimate fix, but what I did was pretty simple. I opened up the pressure fitting on the rear of the pump. I did it on a lathe, but I'd think a drill would work. The factory GM pump necks down quite a bit as it connects to the flair on the hose. I may have lost some pressure, but maybe gained gph? Works so far at least...
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