Im lookin for a shallow 12 to go in a box that will fit behind a reg cab 90s model chevy
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I have a shallow mount 12 in a single cab box its in my single cab Nissan hardbody
bunch of stuff................
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What brand and price
2008 F250 6.4 deleted and Spartan tuned
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I have 2 Memphis shallow mount 12s in a box that fits behind a power stoke looking to trade them for a jl 13.5 w7.
97 f350
7.3 diesil
stage two turbos and injectors
5 tons
profab drop
62 r2's
custom rims
4 linked
10 6.9 door speakers
1 12in. L7
2 1000 watt amps
7in. touch screen
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http://www.bigshocks.com/" target="_blank">