Hey all, Im looking for advice and tips as i build my mudtruck
Im going to be building my 2003 f350 ext cab short bed. I want to run 2.5ton top loads 4-linked with 18.4x26 or maybe bigger not sure yet. I havent decided on running just coils or coilovers depends on pricing i guess. Im not sure on the transfer case yet. I dont know if i have to build a full subframe from bumper to bumper of if i only need a sub frame in the middle to house the case and the mounting for the 4-link...

My first issue i need to understand is the axles.. i know i want to run 2.5ton rockwell toploads, now my issue is i see alot of people talking about front axles with "double long side" tubes. I get that they mean that both axle shafts are the same length but what is the benifit of this other then the pumpkin being centered, wouldnt that make the front axle wider then the rear? I was always under the impression that you could rotate the chunk 180* to get the driveline centered.
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