The Mud Blogger

Mud Blogger Media is the best in the business when it comes to aerial video and photography.

Capture the Excitement

In the past, you would have to gas up a plane and hire a pilot and a photographer who specializes in aerial photography and video. Now, the cost to rent a drone with Mud Blogger Media is but a tiny fraction of the cost.

Angles and views that were, until now, only accessibly by offering the sacrifice of your first born are now available to all with our versatile systems. Operating safely and efficiently, our aerial cameras provide unique coverage that is unavailable from the sidelines. When blended with our high-end ground capabilities, production equipment and an amazing team we produce seamless videos and galleries that showcase your events true spirit.

We have extremely competitive pricing for our Drone and Media services.

If interested, please send an email to so we can touch base and get you set up for our event.


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