Hey guys, so real quick, im not as much of a noob to building, ive built a 2.5 truck, with great success. And that truck goes like so, so yall know my knowledge.. its a 95 f250, 7.3 diesel, 5 speed, double np205s. 2.5 tons. 4 link front n rear. Lockers, full hydro, 18" coilovers. Stock frame plated and boxed. No subframe. 46" militarys. Not a huge truck, but pretty danm big..

My next truck, freedom..
Im needing some frame tips, building tips, angles, subframe tips..
Its a 97 f350 crew cab. F650 front clip.
Engine is 8v92 detroit diesel. 700hp.
Trans eaton 13 speed.
Rear engine truck
T case rockwell 2.5 ton
Axles rockwell 5 tons pinion brakes lockers and full hydro steering.
1.25 hiems all around
2" .250 links dom
Tires 1600r20, as of now. Later 16.9-24
Suspension is air bags. 18" travel, mounted middle of lower links. All corners. Not on axle center.
Main frame, 3x6 .250 wall

My questions start here. Obviously this truck is going to be extremely heavy..
The sub frame, tube frame below,. What do you guys recommend?
2" .188 ok?
And whats the tips n tricks to building tube? Lots of triangles right?
Im buying a hydro tube bender tomorrow..
also, links level, parallel and same length, right?

Lower links with air bags mounted mid link, suggestions for construction? Im thinking square tube, of some sort. Ideas? Extreme weight on these links.

Basicly, im jumping into building a massive truck, and i pretty much know abouts what im doing, but if any of you can throw me some tips, or recommend anything i do, id sure appreciate it. The purpose of this truck is to mainly cruise the beach, promote business, and go to local mud bogs, which isnt even mud. Im from California, please dont judge, im not a liberal, im one of yall. The truck needs to be built to handle anything i throw at it, ofcourse.
Thanks guys
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Andy Lang
I'm gonna build something similar, on 5 tons. Following! 
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