Andy Lang

Hello all, 

Posted once before re: some ideas I have had. Been thinking more and more and here are my tentative ideas:

-Ford Excursion or a diesel crew cab long bed full size pickup body
-5 ton axles
-4 linked
-Diesel (Stock motor?)

This is just going to be a build for fun, may even sell it later.  

Been an army truck guy so somewhat familiar with the 2.5 and 5 ton axles.  

I have a 900 series truck and have a lead on another.  This will be a slow build project.  Plan would be to daily drive the donor 5 ton while amassing other parts and doing the teardown on the body donor.  Then I'd put the engine etc out of the 5 ton up for sale and when it sells I'd tear the 5 ton down.  I love these trucks but I'm going with a complete truck so I have any and all parts I might need, plus I can drive it first! I'd part it out or whatever, or dismantle it and haul it to scrap, then put the axles under the body donor and assemble. 


Looking for ideas nevertheless! What am I missing?

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Andy Lang
decided I'm definitely doing 900 series axles...
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