tonka tester
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tonka tester
gearharteng wrote:
Jeep is looking good,Dan

thanx everyone, russ, i need to get ahold of ya, i have some odd 5 ton centers and some questions [smile]
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This thing ever get finished?
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tonka tester
1.jpg finishing up the welding for the most part...
6.jpg  5.jpg 
9.jpg figuring out t case placement 
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tonka tester
10.jpg fixed a few things on the tub while it was off
11.jpg  bedlinered the inside 
12.jpg  prime
13.jpg  43 willys jeep paint
14.jpg  random green stuff
15.jpg  more green stuff
16.jpg  did the chassis too
18.jpg  gettin there
19.jpg  where its at now...  odds are i will have it operational sometime before winter as it doesnt need much, but im about to paint the monster truck right now.   so it has to wait till the truck is done..  really the only things left are driveshafts/ brakes, shock mounts, and steering 
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tonka tester
well its been shipped to a new shop location.   hoping to get it running once again this weekend
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turning out great.
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tonka tester

got it fired back up, and mounted winch today.  tomorrow i plan to get the big t case cleaned up and resealed 

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tonka tester

next week i learn to use a plasma table as i make the last few brackets and adapters to finish this jalopy....  still gotta strip the air ride equipment off the mexican truck too 
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bill mowery jr
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tonka tester
havent updated anything in forever, but here we go...

finished up everything under the hood

stripped one of my low riders, and used its parts to complete this thing...  old pic, as now the switch panel has the rear steer and winch switches added to it

old ammo can for ecm


sears aluminum top snatched off my other flatty...  figure it will be better used on this

too much technology lol

steering finished

once i finish the last bit of welding and driveshafts, this is gonna happen
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