Hey everyone, new here and this is my first post/mega truck. This truck has been in my family since the early 90s, it is a 1985 ford f150 it was my pops and he loved this truck more then anything he had passed away a few years back and I inherited it. The truck sat in his yard un used since about 2000 due to blown rear and clutch and he didn't have the money of time to fix it. when I pulled it out of the yard 3.5 years ago I had dumped tons of money getting it road worthy again I had put way more then what it was worth to get it going. Now I'd like to build it in to a mega truck. Im stuck between building it off the stock frame or if I just want to build a tube chassis right from the start (I have background in drag racing so I know how to build my own cages and stuff) also I'm from NY and looking to meet some other people from around here who also are in to the truck scene.  Screenshot_20200223-112331_Gallery.jpg  Screenshot_20200223-112317_Gallery.jpg 
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Well... that’s awesome to have a vehicle stay in the family.... I too have a similar situation with my grandpas 67 gmc truck with a cool back story and I too am going to make this a big lifted truck.... but there is 14 million ways to do this project ..... you have to build from your heart .... my goal is an old school style monster truck ... leaf spring... at the end of the day you build from your heart and mind... if you build it they will come... just my opinion... good luck with this build  - it will be awesome..!!!!!
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