chuck hawk 12ft race hull. carbon fiber 150lbs. chromoly rigging, don davis airfoil rudders, split gas tank for nitrous, throttle pedal, floor board, brake, steering and brake stick, chromoly cage will fit 80in prop, motor mounts to fit LS motor with rigging thats on it. everything mentioned weighs a lil over 300lbs, with LS boat will weigh in right around 1000lbs.....

5500 obo, open to trades clean fox body mustang, 2.5ton parts, clean daily driver vehicles, guns, gun safes, LS motors, airboat prop (carbon fiber), oxbox or ballistic gearboxes, airboat hull (aluminum) 14-15ft. 4cyl or 6cyl lycoming motors, basically anything i could sell.

be dilligent also, i will not trade the setup for a glock.... would be partial trade. have more pictures so text me if interested 321-698-9631 mike
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also trade for small tractor to use around the house.
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