13100720_1074185422654940_2712762709387536904_n.jpg  14231352_665903523585641_8800735284505696391_o.jpg  14237768_1479919378701880_2493108996744831428_n.jpg  16830790_1665214793505670_4186022545725812981_n.jpg  IMG_1878.JPG  IMG_2278.JPG  IMG_2883.JPG 

The Rhino
Full 1.5" .120 wall DOM chassis built by SLO NO MO FAB to replicate the look of a Yamaha Rhino.
Big Shocks 2.5 Bonzi 18" remote reservoir coil-overs.
15 gal fuel cell.
1 gal nitrous enrichment cell with pump and regulator.
Hot Foot throttle pedal.
Never fail industrial nitrous micro switch activated by the pedal.
Willwood pedal and master cylinder.
SCS 12" quick change case with SCS coupler.
1480 u-joints all around.
Radiator with coolant run in the subframe.
Stainless braided everything.
Rhino plastics with extra hoods
Carbon fiber race seat.
New 5 point harness.
Large steering orbital with PSC's largest pump with res.
Cheetah shifter.
Cut N Scooped 171 14.9s on one off wheels.
Danator axles built by Differential Engineering. Dana 80 diff, center chunk and housings. Meritor outers with lightened hubs. Custom fork ends for front axle and burned in spindles for the rear axle. Axles shafts are meritor. Front diff has a soft locker and 410 gearing (820 with meritor outers). Rear diff has a true-trac locker with 430 gearing (860 with meritor outers). The stagger in the gearing make this thing go straight as an arrow. Steering is setup with True Ackerman with double hydraulic rams. Basically means it turns tight without digging in.

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