Lincoln Dieck
setup a small work bench in the house for small repairs and mods and some reloading.
gotta have a drill press, hand drills just dont cut it with some stuff. This'll do till I get a mill

put up some peg board.
My maverick on top, my brothers marlin 60, and my HR Pardner witness protection on the bottom.
the AR is a Mossberg 715 I modified to look like an XM177

gun press.jpg 
made a work pad out of 3/4 inch mdf and speaker box carpet. and got a reloading press and power dribbler mounted up

had a skull shifter knob laying around so i threw it on the press handle.
this things pretty sweet its got an auto primer feed and extracter
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Wow. This place is dead. Not a single comment on a nice gun porn thread? 
I don't think of myself as a "has been", but rather, "retired loser". 
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