I am looking for opinions on the value of swapping tires.

Currently I am runnning 39.5 cut boggers on my won-ton S10. I am running a 600+ hp BBC, auto trans, detroit locked 1-tons. This combo runs very well, for what it is.

I was thinking of going to something like a 9.5-24 Paddy tire. 

Anyone have any suggestions on the upside/downside of this while considering the 3-4K investment needed? I am not necessarily sold on it making the day much more fun or if the truck will go much further.

Also if I go ahead I would appreciate suggestions on a place to get rims fabbed.


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If you can fit 12.4x24’s or 11.2x24’s I’d go with that, more ground clearance and the one tons should be able to handle them.
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http://www.bigshocks.com/" target="_blank">