Going a different way with my truck and selling my two big blocks. I have one set of heads that need to be gone over they are bare and I do have an intake I could sell but these are short blocks

Both motors are pictured below

First is a 557 that is still at the machine shop ready to be picked up when ever
D1ve block, sonic tested and decked .080 over, block was decked , pistons are 0.015 in the hole if I remember right
Full forged internals ,
Mahle pistons have 1 valve relief
Crank is 4.5” stroke
6.8” h beams
.666/.675 solid roller Lunati cam and lifters
ARP main studs (and all other bolts)
Cloyes double roller billet timing chain
Aluminum timing chain cover
Tci shatter proof flex plate
Tci dampener

$6200 with a 10 quart oil pan
$5700 with a stock pan

Kasse p51 heads, Victor jr intake and dominator are expected to put this motor near 800, and 850-875 with a .780 lift 280 duration cam


Ford 514
D1ve block
4.3” stroke forged crank
6.7” bill Miller engineering aluminum rods
Flat top forged pistons two valve reliefs -3 cc
Arp main studs and rod bolts
Lunati solid roller cam 64032
Lunati Roller lifters
Double roller timing chain
Aluminum timing chain cover
Shatter proof flex plate
I have spark plug wires too
Stock oil pan

Heads are ported c9ve

Also for 450 I have a Victor jr with 500 dollars worth of port Work , dominator flange welded on

Call/text 9082275747
Located in nj

Trades for Cummins performance parts, 2.5 ton parts , toys tools what’ ever
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All sold
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