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Ok let me,know
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Way to hijack a post by Superbdecals guys!!!
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tombstone wrote:
Way to hijack a post by Superbdecals guys!!!

Hay Stupid Dick this was my post so how was one to hack there own post LMAO AT YOU!

Hope your doing well seen a bunch of other people have had issues getting your junk too. 
Funny how one tries to make someone the bad guys but then in the end the truth comes out!

good luck to you and your company should most likely go build some more invisible cases and get them shipped off instead of dicking around on this web site lol.

god bless you and yours god knows you need it! 
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rick chew
classy ass kickin ya jus handed out,  cool  gettin my biz at your decal site next week,  thnx  😉  keep the rubber deep, beer cold. v8 screaming and FANS LOVING YA for doing it  😉  GOD BLESS AMERICA 
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superbdecalscom wrote:
Been looking for a set of 4 in good shape having little luck so thought Id post up here and see if anyone has any for sale
We are located in tipton Onsted Mi 45 Min North of Toledo OH 

Looking for used but not totally worn out tires. Found 2 sets but they are old and to much cracking for my liking 

Post up what you have 

Thank you in advance ! [smile]
Talkimng about this post Superdecals looking for set of 48s.I said Hijack...means people who get on here and try to "grab" what your looking for!!!Your looking for 48s but Rick Chew and others get on here and want to "grab" those 48s if someone says they have a posted you would like a set of 48s then others on the forum jump into your post where your looking to buy and they say "Oh call me!!" Basically I was defending your post by saying "Way to Hijack" when those tires you are looking for get bought by someone who jumps on your post...get it??
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