ive got a line on some irrigation tires and wheels, in great shape, mounted on steel wheels which from what ive read are 8x8 bolt pattern? they look kinda like these. now my question is, instead of breaking down the tires, cutting out the centers and welding in new ones that are 8x6.5 are there adapters that go from standard 8x6.5 bolt pattern to the ag pattern 8x8? seems much simpler, another way to say it is I'm lazy. i saw one set on craigslist locally so i know they exist, but those are the only ones i have ever ran across. should have snatched them up when i had the chance. i don't think they can be drilled either as the face of the wheel wouldn't match up and i think the hub hole might be too big anyway. [BY9570]
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The irrigation wheels are to thin. I have some 11.2 x24 pivot tires on rims, 8 on 6.5 Bolt pattern. Would like to sell or trade. PM for details. Thanks
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I was hoping to find adapters like you are talking about when I got my irrigation tires, but couldn't locate any online anywhere. I cut my centers out and welded a 8x6.5 ring in. That worked for a few trips out, but ended up ripping ring out of wheel. As blacksport said, those factory wheels and thin and likely why my previous setup failed
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