Looking for PS250 / Clark Axles for monster project.

These are the big boys, larger than 5 tons. Planetary ends, 10 Bolt.

66x43x25 (1000/50-43) Tires and wheels to suit above axles. Profab, FTI, or
SCS drop transfer case (reverse rotation), Shorty Powerglide trans, 26-30" travel 3.0 nitro shocks or coilovers, orbital valve, other bits related to a monster build.

PM me if you have some or know of a source. Thanks

These parts up available for sale or trade:

2011 One Ton Dodge Axles F&R $2700 pr

2007 One Ton Dodge Dually axles F&R $2700 pr

2007 68RFE Trans (from behind 6.7L), good for core to rebuild $900

2007 Dodge 3500 series Electronic T-case $650

80 Series Landcruiser Parts (almost everything but axles) PM me with your list

60 Series landcruiser Parts (some random items) PM me with your list

OEM Jeep Transfer cases (many, most rebuilt) $550 +/- depending on model

Speedometer clusters for Jeeps, Fords, Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet, Dodge, Suzuki $100 +/-
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