Ok well i know a fuked up kid shot people at a school. Shoot straight sold out of ar15s walmart out of all most all ammo ... What did i miss .
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dirty rotty
End of the world idiots bought it all out.
"The best engine in the world is the vagina. It can be started with one finger. It is self-lubricating.
It takes any size piston.
And it changes its own oil every four weeks.
It is only a pity that the management system is so dammn temperamental."
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screamin seamen
As soon as the tv starts saying the government is going to ban a gun. Bam everyone gets sold. Weapons manufactures realy make out in the long run.
Budget bogger
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The Mr wanted an Ar for months so I finally told him for Christmas id get em one. We called every where within 20 miles of Orlando an nobody had any under 2k. He lucked out an found a little shop with 3 in stock. By the time he got there this afternoon they had already sold one. We figured hell why not so we bought the last two lol Now were finding the ammo shortage problem also. Crazy people out there I swear. The world isn't going to end because the Mayans prediction its gonna end cause slack ass parents let their mentally unstable children have the chance to hurt others instead of having them commited an helped. Then we got the majority of the population turning into pussies. Guns kill people an need to be illegal blah blah blah. If it isn't a gun it'll be something else crazy people kill people with. I'm pretty sure a while ago there was this little thing called the Oklahoma city bombing. You gonna make sawdust illegal too? Cause that can be used to kill people in bombs too. Hell I could kill someone with a shoe lace lets just switch to velcro.
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I dont understand if its gonna be the end its the end .. not power loss or chaos its gonna be THE END!
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i dont understand y anyone would want an ar im more of an ak person myself and if the world ends itll be obamas fault
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oh you didn't know, the ar is the best gun ever made. Phh
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Heard on the news today they are going to try to get te gun bill ready to go! Sucks real bad!
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